Window tool chain

In this section you can find installtion tutorials and addendums to those, as well as critical information to get you started and floating.

Tips & Tricks section

  • The adb manager/debugger in Android tool chain procides the bridge access to the target for Android emulator. In windows and titanium desktop there seem to be a conflict that can make the emulator have problems starting. If you do, and this is usually indicated with a TRACE comment in titanium that it cannot find the emulator device returning "0", when it whould return "1". Go into your task manager in windows and force a quit on the adb.exe process, then simply "launch" your emulator again from titanium desktop, this should resolve problems at the first run of the emulator.
    • If you still have problems it is sometimes a good idea to either restart Titanium Desktop or the computer before you start pulling your hair!
    • Last, something else you can check for is id the Titanium Desktop id still conencted and logged in to their services, as that may affect you.
  • Do not close the emulator after each test, keep ot running to keep the build process as low as possible.