iPhone distribution to market

In this tutorial we will add information that is missing or different from the documentation from Appcelerator. Please review your notes as problems may not always be valid for all users or can simply be present due to conflict, in either way be humble and note your expirience and ask others to fill in the "blanks".

Tips & Tricks

When you have gone throu creating certificates for both development and production make sure in this process that in Xcode organizer when you have an exclamation sign on your provisioning file, click refresh and login so that it updates, it takes a little time before it is updated, so be patient (about 20 - 30 seconds), then you should be ok, unless that is done, Titanium will not find your provisioningfile status and cannot download or package at all. So make sure this works in your Xcode organiser. Also be aware that you have dragged the provisioning file onto Xcode or it will not turn up at all. ;)

To be able to distribute your application in Titanium Desktop 1.2.1 and with SDK (does this matter?) follow the steps below.

Follow the vimeo video for distribution to the app market, my advice is to make a singel keypair for each certificate.
Appcelerator tutorial video
When you come to the part where you uploaded your provisioning profile into Titanium you should have this view:


When you click package you will NOT be getting a zip archive, you will be getting an entry in your Xcode organiser / application archive, where you should find your app name. Clicking the expand arrow left or the app should provide you with a date of package. If you redo the package (in case of upgrades) you will have more dates of packaged here.


Now head to iTunes connect in apple.com dev center and start "adding an app", complete the wizard and you will end up with a "waiting for download". At this point go to xCode organized again and click "validate" it will check with your account that you do have a valid app entry after you have accepted the signing dialogs.


At this point you are ready to "distribute", clicking that button will again have you sign your app and then it will upload, this will quietly upload the app, be patient, after a while it will tell you it succeded and it is now up for review.


Use your iTunes connect to overview the process, if all is find you app will be upp for the store.


You should be done at this point

Do consider reading the advice on how to make sure you app is good enough for steve! ;)