In this guides-section we can add information to further document the issues and features around Titanium

A good way to do that is to add a new page to the wiki and then link to it from here, adding a description as well to the link. As this list will increase adding tags to each page will become essential to be able to search our "database" of information. Would it then not be great if we can make an "app" that accesses this wiki and can pull information and edit guides as well?

Android distribution to market
In this page you can find videos, documents and related additional information about how to distribute to the Android market. Take a minute to read important documentation to avoid unneccessary delayes in your process.

iPhone distribution to market
In this page, please find the documentation related to distribution to app store and how to get it all right.

Windows tool chain
Read about what is needed to install and make a Windows tool chain work well. Also have a look at the tips and tricks section as vital info will make your life easier when you have problems.

iOS tool chain
Read about the Apples iOS tool chain and how to make it work to allow for good development flow.

Titanium mobile api
This is a extention of the APIs from appcelerator with examples and tips.