Welcome to the titanium wiki

Why do we need this?

During the sessions where I teach Titanium to students I have the need to complement the documentation as well as publishing additional instructions and examples. To maintain all the knowledge myself would be impossible, and I feel that the students would need a place to come back to when the course is over to discuss and continue develop and contribute to the knowledge within and around the Titanium developer framework.

So lets stop complain over what Appcelerator does not do, and do it our selves, as real open source developers would.

Again welcome to contribute to this wiki by becoming a member and then start editing pages, participate in forums or simply browse for examples.

This wiki will be a professional place to contribute, please use your real names as you register for membership so that we can keep a sane level of contributing and commenting.


Latest news

2010-11-15 This site can now be updated and accessed from an Android mobile phone.
2010-11-16 Updated the iPhone distribution to reflect the correct way to do it in 1.2.1/
2011-03-11 Moderator of this page is now Certified Titanium App Developer and Trainer